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That magical bag

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We all strive for it. Somewhere out there sitting on a shelf it lies. When we purchase the flavor we want we wonder if this time will be it. After all these years looking will this be the one. You know what I am talking about, that one bag of chips that is so loaded with the powder flavored toppings that it will dry out your mouth worse than a pile of sand from the Sahara. Those intense flavors on one single chip that makes up for the ten that you just ate. We do get a sample here and there. You will find that one Dorito that is caked with flavor. So you claw through the bag expecting to find others like it. The next thing you know the whole bag is gone. I think the bag is floating out there somewhere. Some underpaid employee working at the chip factory and about to get off his shift pulls the lever and dumps all the flavor in the bag. I'm still looking for the one, we all are.

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