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Specs: 3" QVGA screen, 30GB drive, wi-fi to share music wirelessly between zune users. Supports MP3, WMA, AAC and H.264. Manufactured by Toshiba. No official mention of price but other sites suggest MSRP $300.

Microsofts's version of the iTunes Store will be called "Zune Marketplace" and you'll be able to either pay per download or purchase an "all you can eat" subscription. No prices revealed for this either.

Press release: LINK

High-res pics: LINK



Why didn't Itunes come out with a black interface! :smt013




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Could be an interesting war!

When Microsoft makes a new product announcement, the world listens. When it announces it is building an MP3 player the world laughs. Why? Because everyone knows that the Apple Ipod is the king of the hill when it comes to portable music devices. How in the heck can Microsoft expect to compete with the 800 pound Ipod guerilla?

Just ask Sony.

Five years ago Sony was the king of the video game hill. The world laughed when Microsoft announced it was building a video game console to rival the mighty Sony Playstation. Well, it looks like Microsoft is laughing now. The Microsoft Xbox video game franchise is quickly catching up to Sonys Playstation in terms of marketshare. Microsoft has already beat Sony to the punch by releasing the Xbox 360 next generation console well ahead Sonys Playstation 3. Clearly, Microsoft knows how to play catch-up, and in this case, leapfrog.

Because of Microsofts history of entering new markets, stealing marketshare, and later dominating the market, nobody can take Microsoft lightly; least of all Apple. Mark my words the Ipod is in danger. Five years from now, we will all be carrying Microsoft music players. And well be happy about it. Because whatever Microsoft is building will be better than its competition.

Look out Apple Ipod. Youre dead.




So I see this comes out on November 14 and is gonna cost $249.99. Ok who's gonna be the first to get one? I wouldn't mind getting away from a Apple product, but at the same time since this is gonna be the first version release, i'm sure it's bound to have bugs.