Zune review


Well i may update this later one when i get more experience with my zune. But i also own a Ipod video also, so i should be able to tell the differences between the two fairly good. So far i like the zune, the control seem a little different than the Ipod's. I found myself a few times trying to make the "circular" motion. But so far i love it. I think it has a little better sound to it than the ipod, but i really need to switch between the two to tell the difference. I love the bigger screen, and hands down the menu system etc. smokes the ipod. The ipod seems boring or plain after using it. I haven't had a chance to bring it in the vehicle yet, but i will soon. I also haven't been able to tell by the battery life yet either. But i will tell you one thing. The zune software kills itunes. More to come later.