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Zune question


Thought I would ask here first. Does anyone know off the top of their head if the new Zune will show up as a mass storage device so I can just transfer MP3 straight to it? I hate being stuck with Itunes crap. Basically I just want drag and drop.


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Found a fact sheet at the URL below, but it doesn't say whether drag and drop will be in there, it does however say there is a program that will sync with the Zune.  I've never tried it, but if you put an iPod into the harddrive mode will it allow drag and drop?  I haven't seen a decent mp3 player that allowed drag and drop for a while, the iRiver I had required their software to update, however the Rio that i bought my sister a few years ago allowed drag and drop, just not nearly the storage of an iPod or Zune




I know that you can drag and drop files to the ipod, but the ipod will not see them as audio file. I know there is a open source program for the ipod shuffle that will allow this, but nothing for the ipod yet. I just hate being tied down thats all.

I am looking at a Creative Zen Photo. Only 8gb but I don't even fill up my 30gig all the way.