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I get they are going for security and excluding platforms with known exploits. 
Ya I get this as well. This is a great idea, I watched a video from Microsoft on how it works. It does make a difference (and we need this these days). Most modern computers come with the TPM now, but it's going to be a pain for IT managers to upgrade their older computers that aren't really that old.

But all and all I highly recommend it, it's not that big of a difference from Windows 10 if you ask me. More of just a skin on top of Windows 10 it feels like. 





This is how Microsoft reduced the size of Windows 11 updates by 40%




If you burn your ISO to a USB using Rufus, you can install Windows 11 on non-supported hardware (tpm/secure boot /memory).

o Version 3.16 (2021.10.13)
    Fix ISO mode support for Red Hat 8.2+ and derivatives
    Fix BIOS boot support for Arch derivatives
    Fix removal of some boot entries for Ubuntu derivatives
    Fix log not being saved on exit
    Add Windows 11 "Extended" installation support (Disables TPM/Secure Boot/RAM requirements)
    Add UEFI Shell ISO downloads
    Add support for Intel NUC card readers
    Improve Windows 11 support
    Improve Windows version reporting
    Speed up clearing of MBR/GP

GitHub - pbatard/rufus: The Reliable USB Formatting Utility
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Microsoft released Windows 11 build 22000.282 (KB5006746) to Windows updates if your running an AMD chip, fixes the L3 cache issue.