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WiFi Adapter

Does it lack range or, has it ceased to function? I wonder if a USB unit with an actual antenna would get good range?

Currently working, but my speeds are low.
Recently moved PC into the garage from a middle room.
PC has built in WiFi already, but while using IDM my DL speeds are a bit lower
When using my USB adapter it picks up to about 5MBPS
My current ISP connection is hitting 120MBPS down when hard wired

I was thinking about getting an extender or an access point , however if I could save some money and just go with a new USB adapter


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We use this at work between a couple of buildings. Capable of 150 megabits per second. Basically it is a point-to-point link. (like a virtual wire) They have run flawlessly for several years. We actually have two runs side by side on different channels and surprisingly they don't interfere with each other. 133.00 for the set is a bit steep for SOHO.

"NanoStation locom5 can be deployed for Point-to-Point (PtP) bridging, wireless connectivity to a video surveillance system, or use as an airMAX CPE."

I have heard of the term Point-to-Point here at work as some of our customers have them

I believe something like that would be a bit overkill for my home, but thank you for the suggestion. I see the brand is a Ubiquiti in which I was looking up an access point for them yesterday also - we currently have one of those here in our office and a good amount of our customers use them - pretty good brand imo from what i have seen


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Ubiquiti makes good stuff. I know @C Pav has a small mesh network in his house that he setup. I forget the brand. As funny as it is this cheap wifi usb adapter has alway been good for me:

Amazon Link

They are cheap and use built in drivers.

C Pav

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Ubiquiti makes good stuff. I know @C Pav has a small mesh network in his house that he setup. I forget the brand. As funny as it is this cheap wifi usb adapter has alway been good for me:

Amazon Link

They are cheap and use built in drivers.
I installed Ubiquiti Pro APs here at work, 2 of them, and they are fast and powerful. Have a few more that will install at the new treatment plant soon. They are spendy and require running ethernet to them. The ones I went with are PoE and have the powershot adaptors but of course will need either a PoE switch or power to pug the adaptors into at the switch.

At home I went with Eero, www.eero.com, and love it. Main router sits in utility room next to internet providers box and then the 2 extenders are upstairs plugged into outlets. I get amazing coverage now. Also a spendy option though. I know cheap options like @nodle suggested are pretty good these days.


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I would either want a range extender somewhere in your home between the wireless router and your PC using the Wifi adapter, or a different WiFi setup.. If one adapter is struggling to get decent signal, replacing it may make things a bit better, but also is not likely to be a magic bullet. If you have a phone or tablet on wifi near that PC, is the WiFi signal strong on the device? If it is weak for other devices then looking at a range extender, or better yet a mesh network like the Eero would be a better long term solution - unless you want to run some Cat5 to your garage....

Another possible option, is it possible to move your modem/router to a different room that's centrally located so your current router's signal can reach the garage better, while still serving the rest of the house without issue?
Update *

I brought it up to my boss earlier right around the same time I made the post and shortly after I was asked if I wanted any cisco wap321. I took 2 for the house to use and mess with. I currently have one setup in the room where the modem is and am now trying to bridge the second one with the first one
I'm hoping this does the trick.

I actually jumped the gun yesterday after setting up the first one. I moved the second after a reset and tried setting it up in the garage, but after speaking with my boss he mentioned I need to first connect them both to the router to configure and join.

I was simply trying to join the first AP without being connected to the network in general. DOH!

I must have had too much going on yesterday evening


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if I still am not impressed with the speeds after having another AP near my PC my gut is going to go with a new WiFi adapter to connect to these AP's
Are the speeds your talking about internet speeds or data transfer speeds? You can have top of the line equipment but that won't help you that much for internet speeds since that is based off your ISP provider along with ping times etc. Where it will shine will be in large packets of data going back and forth.
it's been a hit and miss for me setting it up to get them both working - i was able to configure both while connected to the router and join the second to the 1st cluster, however looks like i am not understanding the bridge mode just yet. This may be the missing piece so that when I disconnect it from the router I can just connect to it once moved int the garage.

Previously when I moved it it into the garage it had the WiFi signal displaying , but just failed to obtain IP so this bridge mode is what may be giving me a hard time. I am off the next few days after today so I should have more time to mess around with it - i will update more

thank you to all for the replies
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