Wi-fi proof paint


Kinda cool, now you won't have to worry about people stealing wi-fi from home/business.

EM-SEC Technologies Announces Successful Test ofWireless-Blocking Paint

EM-SEC Coating Creates an Electromagnetic Fortress that Safeguards Businesses and Government Facilities from Wireless Attacks

Hampton, VA March 14, 2007 EM-SEC Technologies, LLC announced today that the tests performed around the perimeter of their painted SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) yielded successful results for the protection of wireless devices and other electronic equipment within the structure. The tests confirmed that wireless transmission of information can be protected from unauthorized access by the use of their EM-SEC Coating System.

The use of EM-SEC Coating as an electromagnetic barrier for the containment of wireless networks has opened a new realm of possibilities for our company and for the future of wireless communications said Robert Boyd, Vice President and Director of Technology for EM-SEC Technologies, LLC. As hackers, identity thieves and even terrorists become more sophisticated in the methods they use to obtain information or inflict damage, this experiment confirmed EM-SEC Coating reduces the threat from electronic eavesdropping and blocks out electromagnetic interference for the protection of electronic data.

This was an exclusive operation to test the effects of utilizing the EM-SEC Coating System as a viable solution to enabling the safe and secure operation of wireless networks within the confines of an architectural enclosure. The EM-SEC Coating System used for these tests is a series of water-based shielding products that restrict the passage of airborne RF (Radio Frequency) signals. The EM-SEC Coating was initially developed to aid the U.S. Government and Military in shielding operation centers in order to safeguard mission critical information against threats to national and homeland security. These tests revealed that EM-SEC Coating can now successfully be utilized by corporate and private companies.

The tests demonstrated that intellectual property can no longer be stolen through the airwaves while inside an EM-SEC-coated facility. The results showed that a one-time application of the EM-SEC Coating creates an electromagnetic fortress by preventing airborne hackers from intercepting signals.

We have developed an innovative shielding system that cannot only be utilized by corporate offices, boardrooms, server and computer rooms and research and development laboratories to protect their digital assets from electronic eavesdropping, but it will also ensure the safe operation of wireless networks, said Wayne LeGrande, President and Chief Technical Officer, EM-SEC Technologies, LLC.

About EM-SEC Technologies

EM-SEC Technologies, LLC is the sales and marketing arm of Unitech, LLC a unique materials development company that brings to market Unishield and EM-SEC, a series of patented conductive coating systems that have extensive applications in the electronic, communications, security, and defense industries. EM-SEC Technologies, LLC specializes in the secure operation of wireless networks and in the containment and isolation of electromagnetic interference given off by electronic equipment. The coatings are a best-in-class solution for SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) buildings and retrofitting for U.S. Government agencies and Military Operations at home and abroad. EM-SEC Coatings have earned validation by the highest levels of government security operations and are environmentally friendly.