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What's happening at the Denver airport?


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Listened to some Coast to Coast AM recently.   They had a discussion on Denver. 

  • CIA moved their Headquarters there recently
  • Denver International Airport supposedly has underground access to Secret network of Subterranean tunnels
  • Among locations under Denver is the COG (continuity of government) headquarters
  • Denver may be the/is the Capital of the North American Union
  • Theere are murals in the Great hall depicting two possible futures; a positive (flowers and families) and a negative: Storm troopers killing people

Anyone else listen to Coast to Coast?



I know exactly what you are talking about, i believe there is a post on here about the murals in the airport, weird freaking stuff.

This ain't the type of stuff I would want to see in a airport...




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Ya, it was pretty creepy imagery...the radio show said something about a local magazine or something did a 12 page spread on the airport...I should look for the pics.


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This was another thing they talked about...the tie-in to the Masons...


Shit...here is some "show notes"

For the show this night' date=' a special line is set up for listeners in Colorado. Susan from Denver finds it strange that so many contractors were dismissed during the airport's construction, and speculates that this was a tactic to prevent workers from understanding the true scope of the project, allowing planners to build a facility six stories underground "without anyone questioning it." Chris from Indianapolis has heard that the tunnels below DIA were constructed as a kind of Noah's Ark so that five million people could escape the coming earth change; shaken and earnest, he asks how someone might go about getting on the list."Well, you first need a lot of money," replies guest expert Jay Weidner. "And then you need a lot of influence."

Weidner, a filmmaker and freelance journalist, is on Noory's show to promote 2012: The Odyssey, a new documentary that connects Weidner's previous work uncovering the secrets of ancient alchemy with a growing interest in the year 2012 as a historical "end date" for the world as we know it, a kind of new-age Armageddon. Some conspiracy buffs predict this end/beginning nexus will generate a telepathic wave of harmony throughout humanity; others see signs that 2012 will be fraught with fire and warfare. The date comes from the ancient Mayan calendar, which marks a day in December five years from now as the conclusion of the 5th Sun. Weidner has found evidence in monuments built by alchemists and Freemasons that they were not only aware of this Mayan prophecy but have been secretly preparing for 2012 for generations. His film examines a 150-year-old cross in France, a Stonehenge-like structure in Georgia and Masonic connections in Washington, D.C. It concludes at DIA, where Weidner shows the capstone located in the terminal's Great Hall a name that's no accident, since Masonic temples call their main meeting rooms by the same name. Engraved in the marble facade is a coffee-cup-sized icon of a square and compass, symbols of the Masonic order, with the words "New World Airport Commission." Weidner associates this with the New World Order, an autonomous behind-the-scenes government that manipulates global events and communications.

"And my feeling is that the Denver airport is some kind of cathedral to these guys, a cathedral to the world that they're making," Weidner tells the listening audience.

The airport holds more clues. "These murals, which are shown in the film, are a story," Weidner continues.

"Like a message?" Noory asks. "Are they trying to tell us something? Or are they trying to [rub'] it in our face?"

Weidner explains that some high-level factions in Masonic society may be using the murals to alert the general population to the earth-shattering political and environmental changes in store for 2012. Either that, or those factions are amazingly arrogant. Because for Weidner and other conspiracy experts, the symbolism is as explicit as a manifesto.

One mural features three women in coffins surrounded by endangered animals, including a Quetzal bird, named after the Mayan god Quetzalcoatl, in a glass cage an "extinction message," Weidner says. The next panel shows children of the world gathered around a "gigantic psychedelic plant of some kind. And they're all extolling that all the races are going to live together in a world of peace."

"It's like the one-world government bylaws," says Noory.

But the peace doesn't last. Another mural depicts a Gestapo-like figure "knifing the dove of peace with his bayonet," surrounded by crushed cities and starving citizens. Considered in the context of other curiosities captured in his documentary, Weidner concludes that these DIA murals reveal that 2012 will be a time of intense military oppression.
Holy Cannolli!


The above link depicts similar content as was on the Coast to Coast show, but deeper down the rabbit hole, so to speak. Check it out...if you dare :alien: :innocent:

I forgot... the above link explains each (and more) pictures that I posted.



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Masonic symbol in the one. Keep in mind that NorthCom runs our show which is fairly close by Denver I believe. 


So finally made it here after all these years. Didn't get to see the murals I did see these though.



Let me tell you that horse is freaky. It's eyes glow red at night and has tons of veins all over it. Also I can totally believe that there is something under that airport. When we were heading back I was looking at the landscape and you can see where they have dumped the dirt and have grass growing on top of it. The hills don't look natural.