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Tesco has caved to media pressure and removed a controversial pole-dancing kit from the toys and games section of its Tesco Direct web site.

However, the Peekaboo kit costing 49.97 will still be available through the web site, but only in the fitness section to prevent children stumbling across it when surfing for toys.

The move comes after campaigners and families lambasted the retailer for selling the kit, which comes complete with a pink garter, Peekaboo dance dollars and a DVD that claims it will teach users to unleash the sex kitten inside and help them begin flaunting it to the world.

A Tesco spokeswoman said: The link from the gadget section of the web site was perhaps not appropriate.

However, she defended the decision to sell the product. It is marketed for adults and says clearly on the box that it is only for people aged 16 plus. It is a fun product to reflect the recent pole-dancing craze, she said. Originally the item was with other items such as barbie and toys for young kids.