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What mouse/keyboard do you use?


I'm kinda in the market for a new mouse and keyboard, and was wondering what everyone uses? I'm kinda looking at maybe the g5,g7,or mx1000 for the mouse and maybe the g15 for the keyboard, or the Saitek. What do you use?

C Pav

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Well you of course know what I use but I really want the G7. In fct, going to order it soon.


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I use a microsoft wireless multimedia Keyboard/Mouse combo deal.


Battery life is good on both keyboard and mouse, and it works for everything I need it to. I did some research on the G15 and G7, sounds like some nice hardware for serious gamers (especially games such as WoW and Everquest), but I think I'd almost have to go with a G5 over a G7, considering the battery life of the G7 and that you can adjust the weight of a G5