What do you do for a living?


I have an idea that everyone on this forum who is active is familiar with technology. This may be the reason why I come back because I like knowing I have a place to visit.

I work in IT, but went to school for Computer Networking & Security.

Some certs I would like to get would be A+ and Security+, but struggle to just sit down and study.

Been in the field for going on 3 years with current company (well, 2 in a half), but I have school background along with doing tech support for another company, however they only focused on the software they built.


I use to be in IT. I did was in it for 15 years. Then I gave everything up moved far away and became a cheese maker. I still enjoy computers and technology, but this time it's at my own leisure. :)


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I wonder if they have made the Security+ more difficult like the Cisco one's have gotten?