"Weaving spiders come not here"


This is on the Bohemian Grove. What is this you may ask? Are you sure your ready? Read some more then wise old owl. This is a club that decides what will be in the headlines in the comming year. It's so secret, you as the average citezen are not supposed to know about it. Even when journalists sneek in to get the scoop, it never gets past the editor because the heads of major media are also members. Just like Bilderberg which is another version where the future is discussed in secret and information talked about behind closed doors doesn't match what is told to the public. The bohemians will be meeting this July again as they meet every year in front of a three story carved owl.


Even your money has the owl

Even the capital is shaped like the owl.

What about the Bohemian Grovers performing mock, ritual sacrifice ceremonies before a 40ft Stone Rendering of Moleck, the Owl God?

Even some of our building are shaped like it.