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Why are wallets so horrible. What I mean is it so hard to find a good one? Me and @C Pav were talking about this at lunch yesterday. There are so many out there and you end up liking some features, but then can't find the features that you want. I would like a nice leather wallet, but one with a RFID blocker built in. It seems like any that I find are always junky though. Also a Velcro one wouldn't be bad. I haven't used a Velcro wallet in years, but the security of losing something out of them is nice. The closet wallet that I have found that I like with RFID blocking capabilities is this:


But then it's a hard wallet and may not be very comfortable to sit with. That's where a nice leather wallet comes into play, since it's more soft and pliable. I just wish I could find a new one to fit my needs. Need to custom make my own.

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I used to carry a huge leather wallet. Spot for checkbook, cards, cash and drivers license. Then I tried a bi-fold that just held cards and had a money clip on the side. The clip just made it bulky and uncomfortable.

I rarely carry cash and just wanted something small to carry the few cards I every really need. So what I have now is actually I think intended for business cards.

It isn't exactly what's shown below, but something close to this that's a little more decorative looking. Plenty of room to have my license, debit, credit and membership cards (Costco, etc). I have a separate little money clip for the occasion I need to get and carry cash.




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I use a normal black leather wallet. Nothing fancy and gets the job done. I hate the plastic credit card holders that keep breaking though.