Video Cards and other PC components pricing right now


I want to complain about the current prices on video cards, and the availability as well. It has been years now since I have updated my video card, but dam there just isn't anything out there. I mean Nvidia just released their model, but I am not going to spend $800 for a video card, and looking on Amazon and a few other sites, there is barely anything out there and if there is, my current card is still on par with them as far as performance. I know I complained about it a little in the Bitcoin thread, but man it really took a tole on the market and messed up pricing and availability everywhere. Basically I might as well keep my current card even though I want something new. I feel as if memory prices haven't dropped as well. Amazon is still selling the memory I purchased 3 years ago for the same price I paid 3 years ago. Same goes for standard hard drives. SSD drive have dropped dramatically though, same goes for motherboards and CPUs.