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Verizon Data Leak


Caulk Sucker
Verizon leak exposes confidential files on public Amazon S3 storage server

Security researchers have discovered a trove of confidential Verizon Wireless files stored on an unprotected Amazon S3 storage server, including some usernames and passwords to internal systems. ZDNet reports that the leak, which mostly consisted of scripts and server logs, was discovered by Kromtech Security Research Center.

"Other folders contained internal Verizon documents, many of which were marked 'confidential and proprietary materials,' include detailed server and infrastructure maps, server IP addresses, global router hosts, and several scripts that could be used to gain elevated privileges within the system," ZDNet writes.

It is not yet clear why the documents were stored on a public server, but this is the third high-profile leak the company has suffered in the last two years. The first was a theft of 1.5 million records, with the second exposing 14 million subscriber records.

A Verizon spokesperson told ZDNet the company is "aware" of the leak.


I can't help to laugh, nothing is ever "secure" on the internet. There are so many leaks with probably only 20% reported.


You could throw a cat through the gaps in security. 
Well look at the Equifax breach, all they had to do was patch the Apache known vulnerability. Your tech team should be on that daily. The Venezuela branch from what I heard left their intranet password as "admin".