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Venom - the movie


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I must say I am hesitant after watching the trailer, they didn't even show him and yet. I am a little worried that this will bomb.


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And yet... here it is breaking some box office records...
I think that is all about timing, I mean what is your competition "Smallfoot"? That has already been out a week anyways. I wanted to love the movie but I heard the acting is terrible. A modern day Spawn movie.

C Pav

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I read this about it:

  1. That this was an awful movie.
  2. That it was wildly entertaining.

"You can enjoy eating at McDonalds but still understand that it's garbage food. Venom is the same way."


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I dunno about the timing aspect. In general people don't go to a theater, look up and figure out what to see after they've gotten to the theater. Something drew them to the theater that they planned to see.

Sure if there was a bigger movie that came out it could've eaten into sales, but a movie doesn't break a record just because nothing else is in theaters, it had to draw people to the theater.
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