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Vampire Brothers


Back in 1932, a young girl stumbled into a New Orleans police station and told a tale of being kidnapped by two men and held in this apartment. There, they cut her, and drank her blood. She managed to escape and reported them to the police. The police then raided the apartment where they found more people who being bled and fed upon by the two brothers. They also found some bodies that were drained of blood. The two brothers were arrested, tried, convicted, and executed in the electric chair. Their remains were buried in a cemetery. Shortly thereafter, people reported seeing the two brothers on the street, and in the apartment. More people turned up dead, with their bodies drained of blood. Their tombs were opened up about a year later and nothing was found, no ashes, bones, or dust. This begs the question, what happened to them? Are they really running around?




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Vampires are all ready dead....The electric chair was not the best punishment.  The judge should of made them wear garlic and get into a tanning bed.