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USDA approves horse meat


Wonder how much will end up in our meat here?

The Valley Meat Company has finally received approval from the USDA to begin slaughtering horses at its Roswell, New Mexico-based plant.According to NBCNews.com, the United States Agriculture Department said that based on the law they were required to issue a "grant of inspection" to Valley Meat Co. before slaughtering could begin. With that approval, the USDA will provide meat inspectors who will visit the plant, which can now process horse meat for human consumption.



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Everyone acts like eating horse is such a horrible thing....I don't get it. Why is it so bad? If it tastes good and is lower in fat than beef then why not eat it? We eat deer which are more horse like than beef. What's the big deal? Any insight?


I think it's just a mental picture of it. The same could be said about cats and dogs. It's just wrong. Horses are kept as pets as well. Cows normally aren't. I don't know just the thought of it grosses me out. Must be other reasons. Since even a long time ago they didn't eat them.


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. Since even a long time ago they didn't eat them.
I think a big part of this (from the quote) has to do with the history of horses being used as beasts of burden. They've historically held more value in their ability to do labor than as a meal



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A concern, of mine at least, is that the horsemeat would be (I am sure I have read allegations of this happening already) used as an unmarked filler. A horse steak or horse burger is one thing. But if I am paying 5 dollars a pound for Limousine beef or for Nolan Ryan beef, I don't want there to be horse or pork or soylent green mixed into it.