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Unthinkable & UnAmerican: Government's Abuse of Gary Dassinger


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Yesterday, I wrote a brief article about my experience Wednesday evening at the ranch of Gladstone resident, Gary Dassinger, who is being put through the ringer on charges of animal abuse and neglect. Charges based on a 2013 law passed in North Dakota with the support of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). I ended that article with the following statement:

"The implications of this case for farmers and ranchers across the state of North Dakota are huge. If Stark County can ultimately prosecute Gary Dassinger for these charges, then look out. Because the North Dakota you and I grew up in is gone and none of us are safe from the tyrannical abuse of an out of control bunch of activists that know little or nothing about farming, ranching, and animal production."
The person who made the complaint has not only never been to the ranch, but they don't even live in the state.