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Tubes for delivery


Me and C pav were just talking about this. You know those tubes that they use at the bank? Why not have a series of them that run across the county and feed into your local Fed-ex and UPS. You place your order they take it to their local tube distribution center and they send it out to the other local center, then it is trucked out to your place. Order something off of Amazon, and you can have it that same do or just hours later. It cuts down on gas, shipping costs, and airfare costs. What do you think?


Bill Gates' Gimp
This might work for small items, but I think most items would make it impracticle or impossible. Many boxes/objects would be far to big/heavy to move through this kind of system. Building pipes large enough to tranport large items would greatly expand your cost plus you would need some major distribution centers. At the bank one tube goes to one location, gating and properly routing a large network of vacuum tubes would be a nightmare, plus maintain the vacuum... Cool idea, but sounds real tough to me