Toothpaste tubes


Every time I open a new tube of toothpaste, I always want to make this thread. They rip you off so bad. You first week of squeezing goes good, your like this tube will last forever. Then you hit the center air pocket that they "slip in". You go from 90% left to about 20%. You know they do it on purpose to. For every small air pocket they put in they save and make more money. Don't give me an excuse that it's the way it's manufactured either. They can make other products similar with now air pockets, then can do it with toothpaste.


Bill Gates' Gimp
Squeeze out a full tube into a measuring cup.  Does it have the number of ounces advertised on the product? 

I'm not disputing an air pocket and generally haven't thought about it I guess.  I just figure if they say there's X oz. in it, that they have a machine that puts that much or very close to it in each tube.  If I sold you a gallon of milk in a 5 gallon bucket, it would still be a gallon of milk.