Tomy i-sobot


So I hope everyone had a good Christmas. My Wife's Brother ended up getting me this Robot called a i-sobot made by Tomy. I don't think they make them anymore but they go for quite a lot on Ebay. It's a pretty cool little Robot that comes with a Remote control and has all these built in features. I am impressed on how advanced it is for such a little toy. It consist of 17 servo motors and has built in voice commands, special actions, or you can just control it yourself. I found a video on Youtube that shows it in action.



Mad scientist
My daughter wanted a  Meccano G15.  She finished building it on Sunday.  She can use an ipod to "program" its movements.  Or she can position it herself.  It's not as coordinated as that isobot though.  Did you build it?  Or was it assembled?

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