The world today

C Pav

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I can't take it anymore. The world is getting worse and worse. I want to go back to the late 80s and early 90s. Maybe even pre 2005 before things started to get worse.

Legalizing marijuana. I am against but don't went to argue those who are looser on it.

Social media and too much connected to internet. I loved the internet when things were new and easy. Now it's becoming an obsession for many and dangerous.

When boys were boys, girls were girls, men were men and women were women. Now you can be whatever you want. Of course might have to go further back for this to be better.

Our nation is week compared to the old days and nobody likes anyone these days. 

Can't celebrate holidays, say the pledge or anything in schools anymore.

The list goes on.


Yes, scary for the next generations to grow up in.  Though they won't know any different, just get to be more confused and more complexity to deal with.  We grew up with this or that, he or she, feminine or masculine, and those are changing.  With metric or imperial, we might as well through a new number system their way...oh it's called core math.  Can't smile or hold the door open anymore without being racist or sexist.  People are just plain dumb.
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And just when you think it can't get any worse, somehow it does. It scares me to think of what it will be next. I hate to say it but it will only get worse and worse. Hey at least some of us lived though the last great era.