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Whats everyone's take on the new Tesla Cyber Truck? I can't believe how many people have placed orders for them.


Bill Gates' Gimp
How many people placed orders? It is the ugliest looking thing. I feel it is a sure fire way to have anyone see you driving it think "Yep, there goes a moron"


I bought you the sims
Guys, do you know how much it costs to put an order in for the new truck? $100. That's nothing. When they released their model 3, it was $1,000 to put an order in and they had more pre-orders for that model 3. So I wouldn't get too carried away about these numbers. Most people can walk away from a hundred bucks when it comes to backing out on a vehicle.


Bill Gates' Gimp
So I looked it up. 200,000 orders isn't really many compared to pickup truck sales in general. I'd guess like @jmanz said that a number of folks won't follow through on that. Some will of course, others will order. Do an image search for "tesla truck" in your favorite search engine, now ignore all the cyber truck pictures and look at the previous renders/speculative ideas. Any of them would've probably sold like hotcakes in comparison.

Time will tell, but personally I really hope the future of pickups (or vehicles in general) doesn't involve most models starting to look at all like the cyber truck. Even with its price point, I'd pay the extra for something with fewer features that didn't look like this thing

Example image:


Availability: 2021, 2022 (depends on version)

1 motor 2WD: $39,900 (250+ mile range, 7,500 lb tow)

2 motor AWD: $49,900 300+ mile range, 10,000 lb tow)

3 motor AWD: $69,900 (500+ mile range, 14,000 lb tow)

Battery: 1 or 2 layer stacked lithium ion

Charging: up to 250 kWh

(Tesla's batteries will iterate at least 1 generation before Cybertruck ships)

Body: 4 door supercab truck

Seating: 5-6

Frunk (front trunk)

LED light bar at body apex

Length: 231.7" (5.885m)

Width: 79.8" (2.027m)

Height: 75" (1.905m)

Bed: 6.5 feet (2m) x 57" (1.448m)

Under-bed storage locker

120/220 VAC power outlets

Air compressor

Loading ramp deploys from the tail gate

Integrated tonneau cover

Option: tonneau solar array charging

Suspension: air adjustable/leveling

Wheels: 37"

Ground clearance: 16" (0.406m)

Approach angle: 35°

Departure angle: 28°

Construction: 3mm thick triangular unibody using SpaceX's custom 30X cold-rolled stainless steel alloy.