Technology changes in my lifetime

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You know your old when you see so many changes to technology over the year and what it has done for business. I have been out of the tech field for awhile and I went and looked at jobs yesterday online and a larger city that is near me. What I found was interesting. There is no longer need for much lower support anymore or repair for that matter. Everyone wants an "administrator", not multiple people as it use to be. This makes sense though. I mean one guy with virtual servers and machines can now do the job of a ten man IT crew right from his desk. It reminds me of the oil industry in a way. Once they needed a bunch of laborers to get going on the ground, but once everything is setup only the upper foreman remain and there is no longer a need for the smaller man. I have lived though an age to where once my old job made tons of money, to basically being no longer needed this day and age. Shoot no wonder outsourced support has become a big thing. Have your company and instead of paying for an IT man just hire another company to do your support when only you run into a problem. No longer a guy on payroll sitting in his office playing WoW.