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Tangled 3D


I already did a review earlier and already loved this film. Im 3D it's even better now. The way it was meant to be watched. Still the best animation I have ever seen! 10/10!


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Is there anything on 3D except cartoons? or Avatar.
There's a few that aren't cartoons. Tron Legacy, Sanctum, Gullivers Travels, Alice in Wonderland (not the cartoon one), Priest, Resident Evil Afterlife, Saw 3d, Clash of the Titans, Drive Angry, Final Destination 3D, The Green Hornet. That's what I can think of, but Amazon has a list of 3d Blu Ray, as does Best Buy. When we were out shopping I kinda paid attention to what was in town and I didn't see many other than cartoons and Tron except for at best buy where they have a little better selection.

You actually can't get Avatar in 3D unless you buy a $350 panasonic 3d starter kit. It will come, but it's still tied to Panasonic bundles currently. Unless you want to pay $100 for the movie from someone selling that copy they got with Panasonic and don't want it.

Things are definitely starting to move in 3D though as more and more movies in theaters are doing it and will be 3D when released. The lateste Pirates of the Caribbean and the Thor movie will also be 3D when they release in the next few months

There will be a lot more 3D.



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How did you like the 3D?
The 3D in most any toon we've watched is excellent. As with everything, 3D is more about depth into the viewing area than it is having anything pop out at you ("pops" we'll call them), so it's mostly about your TV seeming more like you are looking through a window than at a flat screen. Anyway, the 3D in this was well done and there were a couple of nice pops in it as well. The movie on its own is worth a watch and if you have 3D, all the better for viewing. Thinking I may have a large amazon order coming up to procure a few more 3D flicks