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*NOTE, I no longer will be maintaining these links. Neither will I keep adding new tools or keep up on the latest tools since I am no longer in this line of work.

Ok I thought I would post some of the tools here that I use on a daily basis to help people out with. I have my very own custom USB drive with these files on it. First off I will start with if you don't know what you are doing, then take your machine to someone that does. You can actually screw up your machine. Every machine is going to be different to clean also, so some machines may require running multiple tools. First off the most simplest way to remove Spyware or Viruses would be to reload or resource your operating system. This is always the best case because it will totally clean your machine. If you don't have this option and want to retain your data then these tools will help you out. In some cases you may need to boot into safe-mode to run these ("F8" on start up). If a tool requires an active internet connection with will need to boot into safe-mode with networking. If you do I would still recommend re-running them once you are logged back into your account. Also don't forget there are some simple commands to run from Command Prompt also. You will normal need to run these as an Administrator in the newer operating systems such as Vista and Windows 7. You will normally need to right click on the Command Prompt icon and "run as administrator". These commands are "sfc /scannow". This will check to make sure your files aren't corrupt and in normal working order. Normally will need a restart after done running. Another good command is "chkdsk" or "chkdsk /r" (full scan and check for bad sectors) "chkdsk /f" (quicker scan and fix). These will normally require a reboot to run. I will be updating this as I add new tools so check back often. Question or comments? Please create a post and I will do my best to help or answer your questions.

  • Combofix - The Grand Daddy of all tools. This tool alone will fix most of your problems alone. Make sure you have an active internet connection before running. After running it I would recommend a restart right afterwards.

  • Malewarebytes - This is the second tool that I would recommend running. Again make sure you have an active internet connection, and when you run a scan I would recommend a "full system scan".

  • Superantispyware - This is the third tool I normal run after Malewarebytes. Again make sure the have an active internet connection for the updates and also run a "full system scan". They also make a portable version. But I find the regular version seems to work better.

  • HitmanPro + Kickstart - This tool required no install and also updates itself. So make sure to have an active internet connection. There is a x86 version and a x64 version so make sure to get the correct one. They have also updated this with a new bootable "Kickstart" feature that allows you to make a bootable USB drive to bypass police ransomware. I personally tried it and it worked.

  • CCleaner - A great tool to dump temp files. Also the only tool that I trust the clean a registry. They also make a portable version.

  • TDSSkiller - A Rootkit removal tool from Kaspersky.

  • Rkill - A tool to try and kill any processes associated with running spyware/virus applications. There are two version of this. If this one doesn't run then I would recommend this one - http://download.blee...er/iExplore.exe This one sometimes will work because it tricks it into thinking its a normal Explorer.exe running.

  • Norton Power Eraser - Appears to be like Symantec's version of ComboFix. I must say I am impressed with it. Also detects Rootkits. Kinda a newer tool, but so far so good.

  • Microsoft Security Essentials - Still the best "free" AV out there. My personal choice of AV also. I love the no nag and simplicity.

  • HijackThis - This tool can come in handy to remove things on start up or leftover files on start up. Make sure you know what you are doing with this tool.

  • ATF Cleaner - Another great temp cleaner. Works on older OS systems up to VIsta, but doesn't work on Windows 7 yet?

  • Re-Enable - A handy portable tool in case you need to re-enable registry settings when you get locked out.

  • Unhide.exe - There is some spyware that floats around that will actually hide all your files and desktop icons. This is a great tool to fix that. It may take some time to run. I have noticed that ComboFix seems to have something similar built into it these days, but this still may come in handy.

  • Norton Removal Tool - This can com in handy if you are not able to remove Norton off a machine. Also cleans up registry setting associated with them.

  • Renew-ip-reset-winsock.bat - A nice utility to reset corrupt Ip or winsock settings. Seems to work on all OS systems as far as I can tell. I have only tested this one on a Windows 7 system.

  • WinsockXPFix - Another great tool to repair ip and winsock settings. Will only work on XP machines or lower.

  • Spybot Search & Destroy - An older Spyware program that has been around for a long time. Still up and running though. I normally don't use this one, but might be worth it to have in your collection just in case.

  • UnHookExec.inf - A tool to reset shell\open\command registry keys.

  • Windows Defender Offline - A new version of Windows Defender anti-virus/anti-malware scanning engines. I haven't really got a chance to try this, but another tool that may come in handy. This one will require you to make a bootable disk or USB drive.
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More tools:

  • Reg_enable.vbs - This may come in handy if some spyware disables your registry. I also believe Combo Fix has this built in now also.
  • Exefix.exe - This also may come in handy if you keep getting a error asking "What program would you like to open this with" everytime you try to open a file. This one is for Windows 7, but may work with older OS systems.
  • Repair windows updates - Try this if your having problems with windows updates, this will reset windows updates and re-register the correct files. I like this version since it works on newer OS systems like Windows 7.
  • Kaspersky Rescue Disk - A bootable rescue disk. Suppose to scan you system if you cannot boot into Windows. I personally haven't had much of a chance to test this.
  • Revo Uninstaller - This utility will come in handy if you have a hard time removing a program. This is the portable version.
  • DTaskManager Portable - This utility has come in handy when spyware locks you out of opening your Task Manager to kill a process.
  • Comodo Cleaning Essentials - This utility is suppose to be like Norton's Power Eraser.
  • Trojan.Zeroaccess Removal Tool - A small little program that you can run to remove the Trojan.Zeroaccess. This one is like a rootkit that infects your TCP-IP stack.
  • Windows Repair (All In One) - Great program. The author keeps making more and more updates to it. Is a great tool to have in collection. Worth supporting.
  • RootRepeal - Rootkit Detector - Suppose to help if you can't install any cleaning tools. I haven't had a chance to try this one out myself yet.
  • VIPRE Rescue - A quick antivirus scan. Looks like you need to download it new each time since it has the definitions built in.
  • Microsoft Safety Scanner - Microsoft's stand alone little scanner. Easy to run, recommend a full system scan.
  • Sophos Virus Removal Tool - A free anti-virus removal scan tool from Sophos. Suppose to remove viruses, root kits, etc.
  • Malwarebytes "Chameleon" - For when you can't get Malwarebytes to run on a system
  • JRT - Junkware Removal Tool - This is an interesting tool. Does a great job with Embedded browser hi-jacks. And unlike alot of other removal tools, this one will delete the containing folder itself. Doesn't auto update so make sure you have the latest version.
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit - A rootkit removal tool from the makers of Malwarebytes.
  • Dr.Web CureIt - A free anti maleware & antivirus scan tool.
  • AdwCleaner - Another great cleaner tool. I like this one since it will actually go and delete the folders associated with the spyware.
  • Eset online scan - A simple free online scanner. It really needs to be run in Internet Explorer though for best results. It can also remove itself at the end if you place the check mark.
  • HerdProtect - Just started using this. There is a portable version that is a cloud based scan that uploads to 68 AV engines and then lets you remove them. So far it's great!
  • RogueKiller - For those super nasty rootkits (Maker sure to look though the tabs)
  • Emsisoft Emergency Kit - Another great tool to add to the collection. I have had this remove things where others have failed.


I thought I would post the order that I run these in. Ever situation is going to be different depending on the system but this is normal the standard order:

  • Rkill
  • TDSkiller
  • Combofix
  • Malewarebytes
  • Superantispyware
  • HitmanPro
  • CCleaner
  • JRT
  • AdwCleaner
  • PatchmyPc
  • Herd Protect

Now after running these in this order most systems will be cleaned. But be advised some system require different orders more tools etc.


I have been using Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 lately. It works real good to remove the "FBI" Virus. You just need to download the .iso and burn it to disk. Make sure you are hard-wired with your ether net connection. Then boot off the cd. Make sure to run the definition updates first then select all the drives to scan. After it gets done it will walk you through the removal process the rest of the way.

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