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Sports parents (don't be that guy)


So here is a little story I thought I would tell. So my Daughter is doing soccer again this year. She is on a team with 5-6 other young kids. Once a week on Saturdays they meet up and practice and play against another random young team. So we are standing there with some other parents this last Saturday and the kids are all warming up, kicking the ball to each other, having a good time. It is very cold out. All the kids including my Daughter have hat, gloves, and a coats on. All the parents are standing around and this dad shows up. He is wearing shorts (remember it's cold out) along with those soccer socks, cleats, and the full silk soccer outfit including his last name on the back of the shirt as well. I kept thinking, "dude you are not here to play just your kid is". So he also has a Daughter and send her out to practice. He yells at her to take her coat off and hat and gloves and says no good player needs those when playing. Yet all the other kids both side all wore theirs throughout the entire game. I felt bad for her it had to have been cold. Then as the game begins and the teams are playing he is constantly yelling at her. "You need to run faster, get down at they other end etc.". Their team is doing really bad against our and not making any goals while ours is and he is physical getting mad, putting his hands on the top of his head spinning around pissed off. Even the other parents standing next to me were like "what's wrong with this guy"? The moral of this story is don't be that guy. Don't push your kids like that, in fact it only makes them do worse because of the pressure. I could care less as long as the kids are having fun. I have heard of sports parents getting like this but dam man the girl is only 4-5 years old. Give her a break. Don't be like those sports parents.


I bought you the sims
Sounds like everybody else just needs to take the game a little more seriously, just like the guy you mentioned! He was zoned in and focused!