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Sound Cannon


Sound Cannon

Besides the Vortex Gun and Wind Cannon, invisible and powerful air waves were used in another devise designed by scientists at Lofer, in the form of the so-called "sound cannon." Designed by Dr. Richard Wallauschek, the cannon consisted of large parabaloid reflectors, the final version of which had a diameter over 3m. The "dishes" were connected to a chamber composed of several sub-units firing tubes.

The function of these tubes was to allow an admixture of methane and oxygen into the combustion chamber, where the two gases were ignited in a cyclical, continuous explosion. The length of the firing chamber itself was exactly a quarter of the wavelength of the sound waves produced by the on-going explosions. Each explosion initiated the next by producing a reflected, high-intensity shockwave, and so creating a very high amplitude sound beam. This high and strong note of unbearable intensity was emitted at pressures in excess of 1,000 milibars about 50m away. This level of pressure is above the limits that man can endure. At such a range, half a minute of exposure would be enough to be lethal. At longer ranges (about 229m), the effect would be excruciating and a soldier would be incapacitated for some considerable time afterwards. No operational or physiological tests were ever carried out. It was suggested, however, that laboratory animals were used to prove the basic soundness of the concept. The cannon was never deployed for its intended purpose.




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I was reading somewhere that the police were using sound cannons for riot control during the republican national convention. Alex Jones shot some footage and tried to ask some questions about these items.


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The MAD's mentioned in the previous article appear to be a more advanced version of ATC's HyperSonic Sound (HSS) speakers that I once saw demonstrated in Fargo. The guy that actually invented it was there and he had a speaker panel which he pointed at the crowd and you heard nothing... until he pointed it at you, and then you would hear birds chirping, or whatever it was they had playing at the moment. The following has a little more info on it, as well as a link to another older article on the topic of HSS as a weapon.


From what I recall, the HSS panels that I saw used were basically just a bunch of small speakers placed on a panel and to get the "sound laser" effect these speakers play tones higher than the human ear can hear. The sound that you hear when pointed at you is created by some of the speakers playing at a higher frequency than the other. Considering the human ear has an audible range of approximately 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz I'll say as an example that if some of the speakers emitted a sound at 25,000 Hz and others on the panel are emitting at 25,100 Hz you would hear a 100 Hz sound wave when the panels are pointed at you.



Wow you actually got to see that? I would love to see something like that. Sounds cool!