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Smoked almonds


Man these things are addicting. Love the smoke flavor they use. Plus they are a healthy snack.



Healthy snack? Let's see:

ALMONDS - They are roasted from their natural raw state and become oxidated carcinogens
VEGETABLE OIL (CANOLA, SAFFLOWER AND/OR SUNFLOWER) - Most likely GMO'd to mutate your cells slowly
SALT - Bleached sodium chloride, stripped of all of it's balancing trace minerals, starving your body of what it needs
CORN MALTODEXTRIN: Highly processed hydrolyized corn solids, yummy.
NATURAL HICKORY SMOKE FLAVOR: Natural flavor by definition means a constitute or lab created chemical from a natural ingredient
YEAST - Candida anyone? Care for intestinal fungus?
HYDROLYZED CORN - Because maltodextrin wasn't enough to kill your cells
SOY PROTEIN - Estrogen man jug enhancer
NATURAL FLAVORS - Double wammy to your hickory smoke flavor above, double trouble, double the fun.

In other words, slow death in a bag. I guess if you are going for raising your hospital bills, go ahead.


Just kidding, but the above is true, but anything in moderation is ok, I don't go out of my way to avoid these things all the time.