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Smoke alarms


With the new place I noticed that the smoke alarms were the hard wired kind. But when you were pressing the test button they didn't work at all. Just to think these old people lived here 3 years without working smoke alarms. Anyways I ordered some new ones that we installed today. I went with a fire/co2 combination ones. I thought if I was going to do it I might as well do them right. The lifetime on smoke/co2 detectors are only 8-10 years. So if you haven't checked yours or checked you batteries you really should. This is the model I installed below.


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Stop, drop, and roll.

Good job with the selection.  I had the Kidd brand, very popular as well.  With the house I just sold, I set my main one as a carbon monoxide/smoke alarm with the bedrooms as just the smoke alarm.

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