Shortcut Keys


Bill Gates' Gimp
Very bored, can't play anymore games for one day, so here's a list of shortcut keys for you that I can come up with off the top of my head.  I'm sure I'll leave some out so feel free to add yours to the list.

Win + E - Windows Explorery

Win + F - Windows Search

Win + D - Show Desktop

Win + R - Run...

Win + C - Mobility Center (Vista)

Win + M - New One Note entry

Win + S - New One Note Screen Clipping

Win + L - Lock Computer

Win + U - Accessibility Settings

Win + Break - Windows System Info

Ctrl+Alt+Del - you know

Ctrl + Shift + Esc - Task Manager

F1 - Help

Alt + F4 - Close Window/Shutdown

Ctrl + F4 Close Tab (Fire Fox or IE7)

F5 - Refresh

F6 - Puts cursor in address bar and highlights current address

Alt + Tab - Switch window focus

Ctrl + Tab - Switch tab focus (Fire Fox or IE7)

Ctrl + X - Cut

Ctrl + C - Copy

Ctrl + V - Paste

Ctrl + Z - Undo  <-- Added 3/22/07


Renata that use to post on here, that kid was a wiz with the keyboard, he basically never used a mouse just his keyboard.


Bill Gates' Gimp
I had to add undo to the list, forgot it the first time around, but a co-worker just killed off about a page of response to a customer in IE and was freaking out.  IE doesn't have Edit -> Undo in the menu, but CTRL+ Z still works to save your ass if you need it in similar situations.  I have seen some apps where this won't work, but then again, CTRL+C and CTRL+V don't even work in some (PuTTY for example)