Here are some uses for it.

Thousands of years ago salt was a valuable commodity and was used in place of money. Salt was given to the parents of the groom until the 8th century and by the 12th century it was sold for it's weight in gold. Salt has been used for many things through the years and in many ways but in our day we know it mostly for it's ability to enhance the flavor of our food.

  1. Fresh eggs: Want to know if your eggs are fresh? Put an egg in a cup of salted water. If it sinks, it is bad, if it floats it's fresh.

  2. Ants: Sprinkle salt at doorways, window sills and anywhere else ants manage to get into your house. Ants won't walk across salt and they will stay outside where they belong.

  3. Cooking apples: You can improve the taste of cooking apples by adding a little salt.

  4. Mix - matched hose: Can't find a pair of hose the same color? They will become the same color if you boil them in salted water.

  5. Oven mess: Ever have a problem with pies bubbling over while baking? Next time this happens, put enough salt on the mess to cover the spill. This will stop the burnt smell and will turn light and crusty from the oven's heat so you can just wipe it off the oven floor when cool.

  6. Stop discoloring food: Apples and potatoes won't discolor after peeling if you cover them in salted water.

  7. Frost: If you hang your clothes outside during winter, you will like this one. Use salt in your final rinse to keep your clothes from freezing on the line. You can also use salt water on your clothes line to keep it from freezing too.

  8. Shelling nuts: Nuts such as walnuts and pecans are easier to shell if they are soaked in salt water first.

  9. Artificial flowers: Clean artificial flowers by putting them in a bag containing salt. Shake bag for well for about one minute. Take flowers out, shake off excess salt.

  10. Boil water: Water will boil quicker if salted.

  11. Windows: Keep your home and car windows from frosting in the winter by wiping them with a mixture of salt and water.

  12. Cheese: To keep cheese from going moldy in your fridge, wrap it in a cheesecloth dampened with salt water.

  13. Fresh flowers: A pinch of salt added to the water of fresh cut flowers will make them last longer.

  14. Garden pests: If you find you have cabbage worms in your vegetable garden, make a mixture of 1 cup flour and half cup salt. Dust the garden morning and evening when they are damp with dew.

  15. Oral care: For cankers, abscesses and other mouth sores, rinse your mouth with a weak solution of warm salt water several times a day.