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Let see what some of your favorite RPG games are. I have to say Tales of Symphonia was one of my favorite. I have been playing Tales of Legendia which is from the same maker and its fun also.


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The only RPG I played for console was Mario RPG

I played WoW, Diablo II, and Guild Wars for a while


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I have been a huge RPG game fan since the release of the original Final Fantasy and also the Dragon Warrior games. I am huge fan of the Final Fantasy franchise. There have been some less then stellar games in the series but I have enjoyed all of them. The Tales games are addicting as well. I also can't forget the Dragon Warrior series. I am now playing Dragon Quest VIII and it is awesome.

I guess I am just an overall game addict and my favorite genre is RPGs. I have tried many different ones and like most. Online mutly player ones are my least favorite due to fees and having to group up mostly but I have tried a few. If it's an RPG, I probably have played it and if not will have to eventually.