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Riding lawn mowers


So yesterday my Dad brought me over a riding lawn mower. I have never owned one before. It's my fist time even using one. A friend of his bought a new one so my Dad took this one and went though it all and got everything ready and tuned up. It's a Craftsman Professional series and has I think the 46" cut so the larger version. Also 25hp. Pretty mint machine. The front two tires are a little worn down but will probably get some new ones. Besides that it's pretty sweet. It even has an auto up and down for the blades instead of using the handle on the side I can just press a button to raise and lower it. Also has reverse, cruise, lights etc. Also has the front push bar installed. I am pretty jacked. I did my back yard last night and was done in a quarter of the time it normally takes me. My only regret was not getting one sooner.