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Replaced gutters


We had new gutters installed on out house about a week ago. The old home owners only had partial on. Why you wouldn't just pay for them to go all the way I will never understand. We had the seamless type installed. and run to only one side of the house out in the yard. He did a nice job on it. I am going to have him come back and do our garage now since I was so impressed. The color matches perfectly to our soffits also. It still strange here though. Most people do no install gutters on homes here. I guess they don't have large leaves and the soil type we have here soaks up water super fast.


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It's funny where people stop sending money, like no deck on an upper level patio door (ask my brother), and the contractor gave  me that option too at the time, or Windows shades. I just spent $100 on temporary paper shades that stayed up for years.