Recommended Firefox addons


For those of us that use Firefox. What add ons do you use or recommend? Please when posting post the link also. I will update this as I add more. Feel free to do the same.

I'll start with mine:

  • uBlock Origin - The add-on you want to use now if you want to block ads.
  • Adblock Plus - The best add on out there. It will not only keep you safer on the web, but actually speed up surfing the webpages since you don't have to wait for ads to load. Use it once then try opening IE and see how many adds load. You will wonder how you could have used the internet without it.
  • Ghostery - One of the best privacy add ons out there. Blocks web site tracking features and blocks them.
  • Forcastfox - The best weather add on. You can choose where it is displayed, accurate weather, storm warnings and has a great radar that you can hover over.
  • Betterprivacy - Another privacy add on for cleaning those flash cookies up.
  • Lastpass Password Manager - Awesome password manager. No longer have to keep track of your passwords. Also safer surfing the web with this from key loggers etc. Some of you might be scared about storing your passwords online. Feel free to do the research on the company. I did and I feel comfortable. They can't even see your passwords.
  • Hotmail Watcher - Check your email for you and shows it on your address bar how many emails you have waiting and alerts you with a sound. (Now Dead)
  • HTTPS Everywhere - Never surf without it. If your using an public wi-fi like a coffee house etc. make sure you are using this. It forces the SSL certificate if the website has it.
  • Imgur Uploader - Easy ad on to upload your photos with a right click.
  • Firebug - The best add on for web developers. I can't live with out this. (Now Dead) but still usuable
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I only use IE 10/11, but LastPass is a great password manager. I'd recommend it regardless of which browser of choice you may use. You can sign up and get the plug-in for whichever browser here

Outside of that I use the Bing Bar as I can track my Hotmail, weather, Fox sports headlines and my Bing Rewards points easily with it.