Reasons Geeks Call in Sick


11. Hard drive is making funny noises and you need make a back up ASAP.

10. You're actually sick because you spent all weekend outside in line for tickets to the latest X-Men movie.

9. Monitor died and you couldn't sleep without its soft glow.

8. You're down ten grand in online poker and you can't quit now.

7. All day Star Trek TOS marathon on the Sci-Fi channel today.

6. Found a really great unsecured webcam at Google headquarters.

5. Mistakenly thought caffeine overdose was heart attack.

4. Cut self badly assembling PC and had to go to the emergency room.

3. Visit from corporate "suits" about missed delivery date on software project.

2. Marathon flame war about which operating system is best just won't end.

1. World of Warcraft


Mad scientist
daveC called in because he was... Studying
I didn't call in. I talked to her well in advance sir. There is a difference between a vacation day and a sick day for the record.
I meant it in jest Sir.  Your certainly not accountable to me for your schedule. 


Studying the day before your $150 exam is a perfectly good reason to call in Sick or take a day of vacation for either way.  The simulators are still an ftp session away if necessary.