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PS3 site cracked



Use this picture and then click on the symbols to spell any of these words and you will find video or info:

factorfive - all new 2 min Lair trailer

fire - Lair footage (shows Tauros? New monster)

fangs - Lair combat montage

king - Heavenly Sword wallpaper

nariko - Heavenly Sword wallpaper

andyserkis - Heavenly Sword TGS trailer

mayday - Warhawk wallpaper

dogfight - Warhawk video

machone - Warhawk music

tedprice - Resistance footage/interview

chimera - Resistance wallpaper

nathanhale - Another interview

music - Genji soundtrack

heishi - Genji 2 wallpaper

evolutionstudios - video

dust - Motorstorm wallpaper

monumentvalley - Wallpaper

All lead to new vids, pics, wallpapers etc