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Portable air compressor for your vehicle


So last year Amazon had a flash sale and they had one of those little air compressors that go into your cigarette lighter. It was only around $20, and I thought why not? It came with a small travel case and fit down below by my spare tire in the vehicle. Here a couple of weeks ago we were at a parade and someone that I was parked next to had a low tire. So I pulled it out and it was my first use of it. The cord was nice and long and it had a digital PSI indicator and you just set it to the PSI that you desired and away it went. When it got to the desired PSI it shut off. It actually worked real well and the people were grateful. I always figured if I got a low tire out traveling it would at least allow me to make it back to a city as long as the hole wasn't to bad. Something to think about for your vehicles to carry in the trunk.