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Pitch for a television series...

C Pav

Codename: GB6
Name it either I Hate I.T. or Blame it on I.T. or something else

I already have many episodes ready to write:

The Fan

The Garbage Phone

One Tooth

Hide and Seek

What's That Smell

Winter Off Roading

Desk Delivery

4 Mainboards

Here comes the Wolf

Next Door

I'm busy....hungover and gaming so leave me along(Lloyd)

Fair Enough



It's funny I drove home about a month ago thinking about this too. I mean there are so many IT people out there these days and the European version did quite well for being so old. I defiantly think that there is a market for it. But we could use some many of our own life experiences and make a few seasons just out of those. I can see it now...

Based on actual real life events...