Pharmaceutical drug markups


So I have had bad allergies this year due to a third cutting of hay over here, plus all the smoke from the fires over here don't help. So I have been taking Claratin Clear which runs a box about $11 on sale for 10 pills. So you are paying over $1 a pill. The work great etc. Well the last time I was in Costco I thought I am out and need more. The had a pretty good deal on it, a box of 60 pills for $40, so I would be saving $20 then. But low and behold right down below it is Kirkland brand. In the corner it say compare to Claratin Clear same ingredients. So I flip the boxes over and sure enough everything is the same. Even the pills look identical. So guess what I paid for those? $9.95 for 365 of them. In Claratin Clear that would be $365.00. Just goes to show you how these companies are ripping you off and laughing all the way to the bank.