People selling items online


I don't know why these types posts makes me so mad, but they do. You know what I am talking about. The local classifieds pages on Facebook and other places. There are different types of posters I see all the time:

  • The I want more than what's it even worth for it person. They are asking more for an item than you can purchase new. They seem to have forgotten than most items lose value after time and usage.
  • The I will post anything for sale type of person. These are the types that will post everything for sale no matter what it is. Hey look I found a spoon, let me sell it for $.50 cents.
  • The I have used this item so much but I think it's still worth something. FOr example just a few mintues ago people posting their shoes that are so worn out, that I think a homeless guy 's shoes are in better shape. Oh but wait I want $20.00 for them.


Also the low balling type even when you list at a more than fair asking price.  But no, they want to play the haggle game.  Goes back to your first point, might as well list it very high.

C Pav

Codename: GB6
How appropriate to see this after the past few weeks of the exact same thing on local facebook classified. First was one I thought nothing of from one of our daycare providers. It was a 1 year old 55" Samsung LED tv asking $450. Wife asked if it was worth it since we are looking to replace our living room old 42" Samsung Plasma. I asked her to find the model number. It's a 6090 something. I looked it up and found it nothing special especially when you can get brand new better models between 400 to 700. Who knows how many hours it's been used plus the out of warranty or near out of warranty and all that.

That leads to the next item which I will continue on about the first. Video games. Everyone thinks their game, no matter what it is, is worth gold because either they see old rare games go for big money or they see false and fake or other overly high prices on NOT SOLD ebay auctions or asking prices on amazon. The item was an old used Wii with 3 games that didn't even have the original cases. They had those generic rock 30 used cases. They were asking $400. The only replies were how that price was ridiculous which of course led to the people on the sellers side defending the price. Well the seller of the tv chimed in on how rude people were as she was messaged about how overly priced she was asking for her tv. Well I now see the seller asking $200 for the wii. guess what? It's worth 50 at best.

Also saw some guy asking some crazy price for some old Panasonic tv that was over 2 years old. Told the story how his dad bought it new for $2000 and recently passed away and the price was more than fair. Can't recall what he was asking but not what it was worth and of course he goes into the whole how it's worth it, how much it was new and all that. Guess what, technology does not hold it's value. A tv that was $2000 2 to 3 years ago you can get similar now NEW for 500 to 1000 and be better and larger.