PC World - Windows Defender Lets Spyware Slip onto Vista PCs


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PC World - Windows Defender Lets Spyware Slip onto Vista PCs

Tests with the program showed it missed 84 percent of 25 samples of spyware and malicious code.

Users who put their faith in Vista\'s new security features and Microsoft\'s Windows Defender antispyware product may find themselves under attack from spyware all the same, according to the results of a study by Webroot, a leading antispyware vendor and Microsoft competitor.

On Thursday, the company released the results of what it claimed was a two-week study of Windows Defender that showed the product missed 84 percent of a sample set of 25 spyware and malicious code samples. The programs that slipped by were a mix of spyware, Trojan horse programs, and keyloggers. While many were not Vista compatible and simply crashed, others were able to install on Vista systems, said Gerhard Eschelbeck, Chief Technology Officer at Webroot.

Technical staff in Microsoft\'s Security Business Unit weren\'t able to respond to requests for comment on Webroot\'s claims.


please also note in my travels i have come across 3 supposed virii for vista , that doesn\'t include third party apps or IE7 issues...