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I know about Office 365 and it's monthly or yearly payments and such. Does anyone use Outlook with this Hotmail account? I'm pretty sure it uses both POP and IMAP. I use Outlook at work and enjoy it and was thinking about using it at home as well. Any experience with it? @ndboarder ?


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From a PC I actually mostly just use the web client or the crappy built in Mail app on Windows. I don't do a lot with my personal email anymore.

That said the Outlook mail client works fine with an email from Outlook.com (formerly Hotmail). When you add the account you just give your email address and it will prompt for a password it knows how to set the rest up. The Outlook client is able to interact with it as if it were an exchange server for the most part. You could manually setup via POP/IMAP, but why bother when the default setup is dead simple and will work better.