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Obama says ‘we will’ retaliate against Russia for election hacking


First off there is no proof. International hacking goes on daily by all countries. We do the same, it's an ongoing gaming of cat and mouse. Plus how easy it is to make it look like it's coming from somewhere else. Hacking is always hard to prove, because one part of it is not to get caught. For obama to come out and make a claim like this without proof is just wrong. I know he hates Putin, but you better be careful. Get over that America voted for Trump, if Hillary won none of this would be in the news.




Here we go.


Clinton Calls Russia Hacking ‘Attack Against Our Country’



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Interesting that all of this is turning around on the Democrats. The dirty Clinton uranium deals with Russia are coming out. Obama administration being investigated. Russian collusion alright.


The politically-explosive revelation that Hillary Clinton's campaign and the Democratic Party paid for some of the research that produced an uncorroborated election-year dossier connecting President Trump to Russia may have broken campaign laws.

Election law experts said candidates and their committees are required to report expenses accurately and in detail, and that civil or criminal penalties can be imposed for failing to do so.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that the Democratic National Committee and Clinton's campaign funded some of the research by the firm Fusion GPS, but routed the monies through a law firm. Their campaign reports listed no payments to Fusion GPS and the expenses attributed to the law firm Perkins Coie are described as legal work, not opposition research, the paper noted.
Clinton, DNC connections to Trump dossier funding could create election law issues