Nostalgic memories with friends thread.


My fondest memory is with childhood friends that i'm no longer in touch with, but memory's very warm in spite of that.

So I lived in a block house, many neighbours and all that. One neighbour had a white female cat and she was such a sweet cat, but not much cared for. She would mostly be outside and do her stuff, fared pretty well. But then each summer she'd give birth to a litter of kittens (a mix of white and ginger, or a mix of white and tabby). Now, she would care for them outside and we decided to take on the mission of helping the cat care for kittens, we'd get our parents to give us pocket money so we can buy cat food, we prepared a place for them and all that, and we would find new homes for each little kitten. And it went on like that for 3 summers until the owner decided to get rid of the cat for which we raged very much. Really glad I can look back at how we would team up to raise those kittens like good parents


Well got an email yesterday, they have fully cancelled now :(, so much for ever seeing them.