Mysterious sleeping sickness could spread


A leading Russian professor investigating the causes of the mysterious sleeping disorder affecting hundreds of residents in Kalachi, a village in northern Kazakhstan, believes that the disease could spread, and admits that scientists are still unsure as to what is causing it. His warning comes as the ninth wave of the unidentified illness hit the area this week.

Those affected by the illness very suddenly fall asleep at any time of day or night, and often it is not possible to wake them for a few days. Some remember nothing when they awake and complain of drowsiness, while others say they experienced terrifying hallucinations. Over 150 cases of the disease have been reported since the first complaints by residents were made in March 2013, yet there is still no common consensus on what is causing the nightmarish disease.

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Strange, sounds like some experimental mind control. But sounds kind of cool, minus the terrifying dreams.