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MPAA Sues Millionaire For Downloading Movie


This oughta be good :smt005

The MPAA sues a guy for $2500, claiming he downloaded Meet The Fockers using BitTorrent. Turns out, the man is the CEO of Digital Point Solutions, he never downloaded anything and he is willing to spend $100k or more to win this fight against the MPAA. Ha! The term tiger by the tail comes to mind.

Hogan, who coded his way to millions as the CEO of Digital Point Solutions, is determined to change this. Though he expects to incur more than $100,000 in legal fees, he thinks its a small price to pay to challenge the MPAAs tactics. Theyre completely abusing the system, Hogan says. I would spend well into the millions on this.

Although I am sorry to hear this happened to Mr. Hogan, this is exactly what everyone needs. Most people faced with legal fees that would be 4x-5x the fine they are told to pay, they simply pay the fine and never get a day in court. Mr. Hogan has the resources to take the MPAA all the way to court and win.