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Moth Drinks Tears from Sleeping Bird



Scientists discovered a new species of Madagascar moth that drinks tears from the eyes of sleeping birds!    The Madagascan moths were observed on the necks of sleeping magpie robins and Newtonia birds, with the tip of their proboscises inserted under the birds eyelid, drinking avidly. This was during the wet season, so the scientists think the insects wanted salt, as the local soils are low in sodium.

    But sleeping birds have two eyelids, both closed. So instead of the soft, straw-like mouthparts found on tear-drinking moths elsewhere, the Madagascan moth has a proboscis with hooks and barbs shaped like an ancient harpoon, Hilgartner says.


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From Borat the Movie...

"Give me your tears Gypsy.  If you do not give me your tears, I'll be forced to take them from you."